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The Many Asbestos Exposure Signs

Asbestos Exposure | There are many cases where the decision has to be made to put an end to a case and having the proper asbestos exposure signs to let employees know there is a problem. Most of the time, the first thing to show up are small yellowish spots. Then a larger spot will start to form and will soon grow into a larger collection of spots.

Asbestos Exposure Signs
The symptoms of asbestos exposure are often a cancerous disease called mesothelioma. The symptoms will be identical to those of cancer, although the second one will be in most cases, not as fast or long lasting.

The first symptom of asbestos exposure will probably be some yellowish mottling in the lungs. This can be due to dust exposure or a cancer of the chest or abdomen. The mottling will likely grow worse as time goes on, usually just after ten years.

An asbestos release or fiber breakage will often be followed by this yellowish area in the lung. It is the most common symptom.

Another of the more serious health problems caused by asbestos is Asbestosis. This will take many years to develop, but it will happen. The symptoms of Asbestosis can be the same as those of lung cancer, however they do not necessarily take the same form or lead to the same prognosis.

Most people who have been exposed to asbestos will also experience many of the other symptoms associated with this group of diseases. These include heart attacks, emphysema, and non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

The diagnosis of Asbestosis will require a biopsy of a blood sample and if the doctor suspects mesothelioma he will probably need to perform a CT scan of the chest area to be sure. The information obtained from these tests can be used to rule out the possibility of the other diseases and to more definitively diagnose Asbestosis.

The symptoms of Mesothelioma will be the same as for asbestos. However, the diagnosis will be much more difficult, requiring the physician to gather and test various types of tissue samples including bone, soft tissue, and fluid.

Image Asbestos Exposure Signs
If the Asbestos exposure signs are strong and consistent enough the physician may be able to prevent the disease from developing. On the other hand, this will only be possible if the symptoms are present before the disease has progressed any farther.

In some cases it can be determined if the asbestos was released through the use of proper safety equipment, but in other cases the only way to determine this is to go through a civil or legal situation. It is the second kind of situation where the consequences will be the most severe.

In a civil lawsuit or case a doctor or lawyer will be able to prove the fact that the worker was exposed to Asbestos. In a case where the person can not be found a lawyer can also prove the fact that the worker has suffered as a result of the exposure and the amount of pain and suffering and the loss of future income due to the exposure.

If the employer is able to prove that the employee did not release asbestos at the work place then the claimant cannot be awarded damages. In either case the employee must be aware of the risk of being exposed to Asbestos and how to avoid the conditions or products that make them susceptible to the danger.

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