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Asbestos in House Insulation

Asbestos in House | What can be done to remove asbestos from house insulation? Here are some of the methods I have learned and used over the years.

Image Asbestos in House Insulation
My first experience was when I installed an old tile roof in my kitchen. Once the tiles were in place, we found that we had asbestos. I was scared, but I didn't know what else to do.

In the following weeks, my husband told me that asbestos was all over the place in our home. He said that he thought it might be minegalem, which is a thick, fine silicate mineral that can be deadly.

Asbestos in House Insulation

Asbestos in House Insulation
Asbestos in house insulation is found in older roofs that are leaking. This is an easy fix for any homeowner and allows us to remove the asbestos quickly.

Electrical wires are also a common place for asbestos to be found. They were wrapped around the wires in an effort to hold them in place. Unfortunately, the wires eventually began to weaken, loosening up as they moved around the house.

Insulation has been known to trap dirt, dust, mold, and other particles. If asbestos has been in a house, it may have collected in these areas. This will continue to deteriorate the asbestos, creating what is known as a "hot spot."

Take the time to clean out every part of the attic and crawl space where any water or smoke may have gotten into the home, from the attic vents to the basement. In many cases, if it is located somewhere else, the presence of asbestos can be seen.

In addition to using either a ground penetrating radar or a simple wood chipper, you can find and use asbestos abatement products such as shingles or roofing. Be sure to put on a respirator to protect yourself from inhaling any of the chemicals contained in these products. Make sure that you inspect each item thoroughly before using it.

I have used these tools found in every home for years and have never been hurt from the chemicals used to get rid of asbestos, but I have had clients with asbestos allergies who need to be tested. Before using these products, talk to your doctor to make sure you are OK before doing this type of work.

These mats can also be used to dry out roof areas, making the experience much less risky. Again, it is best to consult with your doctor before using any of these products.

When we finally found a safe place to remove the asbestos, the roof was a difficult job. I think it took about two people to reach high enough to work on the roof. I would not recommend this type of project unless you are trained to do it.

For more information on asbestos removal techniques, I highly recommend that you check out Asbestos removal techniques. This eBook gives detailed instructions on how to remove asbestos safely and quickly.

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