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Asbestos in House Walls - Your House May Be Exposed

Asbestos in House | Have you had the experience of having a feeling of "pins and needles"pins and needles" that your skin feels when you are close to your house walls where asbestos was used for insulation? Have you had the feeling of having your skin itchy? Have you had this type of problem with your home as an issue?

Asbestos in House Walls
If so, you have experienced the ill effects of indoor air pollution. This problem was first recognized by doctors when people would report similar feelings to those felt by people exposed to radiation.

You have probably used many types of building materials for various things since you moved into your home. Most of these building materials had asbestos in them, as well as many other chemical and non-natural substances that make up modern materials.

Asbestos material is a strong, durable material that was frequently used in old houses. It wasn't until much later that we realized the dangerous health effects of asbestos.

You might have come in contact with asbestos in a building, such as in the attic or basement. In your home, you may have breathed in asbestos materials, such as in old insulation or if you put a pillowcase on your back.

Asbestosis, the disease that causes cancer, was first recognized in our country because of individuals who worked in asbestos factories. Workers had much higher risks of developing asbestosis than non-smokers.

Asbestos in House Walls - Your House May Be Exposed to Asbestos

Image Asbestos in House Walls
In order to be sure you and your family member were exposed to asbestos, you need to keep a meticulous record of all the materials you have used. Keep in mind that not all materials, such as vinyl siding, have asbestos in them.

When you make repairs to your home, be sure to remove any material, such as roofing, flooring, or wall coating, that was used on building materials before you started the repair job. If the material was not asbestos in nature, the building materials may contain traces of asbestos, but it would be extremely difficult to prove the presence of asbestos.

The exact cause of Asbestosis isn't known, but one factor is the heavy exposure to asbestos in the workplace. People who worked in asbestos industries were much more likely to develop the disease than those who only worked in occupations where there was no asbestos.

Even milder forms of Asbestosis, which may only manifest itself in the lungs, may be able to be treated, although this type of Asbestosis is usually more serious than the more severe cases. Medical tests to check for the condition may be performed, as well as testing for other possible causes.

If you suspect you may have developed Asbestosis, don't take chances with your health. Consider asking a qualified Asbestos Removal Company to assess your home and to find areas where asbestos could be present.

If the only time the building has been used is for a period of decades, then consider keeping your home's records and health issues in the past. Asbestos is potentially hazardous, and you should take every step necessary to protect yourself from possible health problems.

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