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Asbestos in Mobile Homes

Asbestos in Mobile | There are many health problems linked to the presence of asbestos in mobile homes. Some of these problems can be as serious as a lung disease or anemia, while others may only be mild and require no medical attention.

However, some symptoms, such as fatigue and allergic reactions to dust, may indicate that a person may have an existing health problem caused by the presence of asbestos in mobile homes.

Asbestos in Mobile Homes

Asbestos in Mobile Homes
While it is believed that the majority of mobile homes built before 1978 did not contain asbestos, there have been cases in which homes with mild amounts of asbestos were discovered to contain high levels of the material. Other cases of households having been exposed to high levels of asbestos may have been never detected, because of improper testing methods. In either case, a person is at risk of developing an asbestos-related illness from living in the home where the exposure occurred.

Individuals who are exposed to high levels of asbestos may develop: scarring of the lungs, severe respiratory problems and/or mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the chest. Mesothelioma affects about 4,000 people in the United States each year.

One way to protect yourself from asbestos in mobile homes is to purchase an air purifier that is specifically designed to remove this mineral. Air purifiers use specific chemical processes to kill the fibers in a building's air that have been laced with asbestos. It is possible for asbestos fibers to remain in a home after a resident leaves.

Because asbestos is a highly flammable and combustible material, individuals who suffer from asthma, COPD or any other type of lung disease should avoid being near any area where asbestos was used. They should also avoid heating the building, cooking food in the food storage area, or using the washroom after being exposed to the hazardous substance. Using a ventilator to circulate air in and out of a mobile home is a good way to minimize exposure to asbestos fibers.

A person who uses an air purifier in a mobile home should be aware of the instructions on the purifier. Many manufacturers do not allow their products to be used in kitchens and bathrooms, because these are areas where the amount of asbestos present may be too great to be effectively removed. The best air purifiers that fit in most rooms also feature HEPA filters that remove particles from the air while allowing them to pass through.

One air purifier that fits nearly every room is called the PURE Home Series air purifier. It has a HEPA filter that is made to remove fine particles like dust, pollen and pet dander. This purifier includes a soft humidifier that is great for sealing in your indoor air as well as removing particles like dust.

Image Asbestos in Mobile Homes
The PURE Air Purifier also has an Energy Star badge that indicate its ability to remove allergens and irritants, as well as particles from the air. This is an air purifier that works to protect you from indoor allergens. It also has the ability to neutralize indoor irritants so you will not feel the effects of them after they have been inhaled.

Some of the fibers that cause health problems when inhaled can remain on the walls of mobile homes for years. While some may become damaged by ultraviolet light or by detergents that may be used to clean, others will remain on the walls long after the occupants have moved on. Therefore, the PURE Air Purifier has a secondary filtration system that cleans the air and leaves no traces of asbestos on the walls.

All of the PURE air purifiers feature an ozone purification system that is capable of removing harmful particles from your home's air that are found in mobile homes. The technology is effective and EPA-certified. It is also a safe and effective way to remove allergens that can cause symptoms similar to asthma attacks.

Homes that contain carpeting should be cleaned thoroughly, especially those that have been in use for several years. This is necessary to ensure that asbestos fibers are not exposed to the air. the children who play on the homes' floors, or to the individuals who spend time on the roofs.

If you feel that you may have been exposed to asbestos in mobile homes, it is important to seek the help of a qualified professional immediately. There are no laws that would prevent you from receiving one.

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