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Asbestos in My House - What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos in My | I've had my first taste of asbestos in my house and I want to get it out of there as soon as possible. Now that I know what it is, I'd like to tell you everything I know about asbestos and how it got into my house.

Asbestos in My House
I was diagnosed with my first medical malpractice suit a few months ago. This individual had been working on an asbestos project on the roof of a building. During that work period he became ill and fell off the roof and suffered an asbestos-related disease.

He had cancer and was eventually diagnosed with asbestos-related medical malpractice. He was determined to be a high-risk person who would have a great deal of difficulty quitting his job due to his cancer. Since I was on the same roof as him, I had no choice but to treat him, even though it was extremely painful and scary.

The individual ended up getting very sick from his asbestos exposure. Because of this he sued the company responsible for the asbestos project and won the case against them. They settled out of court for over $350,000.

I got a phone call several weeks ago from the individual's attorney and we had a face-to-face meeting. I told him that I thought he was a victim of asbestos and that I wanted to help him. He expressed surprise at this and said that he was surprised and that my wife had mentioned something about asbestos in my house and he'd heard it a few weeks earlier. I mentioned that I'd had my first taste of asbestos in my house and he mentioned that it wasn't quite the same as eating dust but it was still uncomfortable.

We discussed the legal aspects of the matter and he told me that he was consulting a very experienced and right man to represent him. He told me that he didn't want to fight his medical malpractice lawsuit in the courts and that he'd rather just try to get the dust or fibers out of his house. I told him that I really wanted to get them out because I don't want them in my body and because I couldn't imagine having to live in my home.

Image Asbestos in My House
He told me that he was consulting an asbestos attorney who would help him out with the legal details. As soon as he saw the first fibers in my house he said he could find an asbestos lawyer who could help. He also said that he knew who his asbestos attorney would be.

At first I was skeptical but I called his attorney and was assured that the asbestos was harmless dust and that they would be easy to remove. I asked for an estimate, so that I could decide if I should hire the asbestos attorney.

When I called his attorney, she said that asbestos was harmless dust and that she could prove it. After some questions I realized that this person was being deceptive and misleading me. I had my last meeting with her and then decided that I wouldn't hire her to remove asbestos.

I spoke with my neighbor and she told me that the company sends out about one company a month. In order to find out who they are she said that she has had to call different companies and get results so far.

She said that they can't claim that their services are all inclusive because the law requires the company to prove that they are not going to cause any harm. That's not fair to anyone.

The laws governing asbestos are complicated and it is hard to figure out exactly what your obligations are. Be careful and look out for yourself.

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