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Asbestos in Old House and How to Remove Asbestos

Asbestos in Old | The deadly effects of asbestos can be seen everywhere, including old houses. It is just as dangerous to the skin as it is to the lungs. The first step in dealing with the problem is to check the old house for any of the following signs of asbestos exposure:

Asbestos in Old House and How to Remove Asbestos

You must take a very thorough look at the ceilings of the old house. Ceilings are usually the most exposed parts of the building, and the walls are usually the least. Look for places where the paint is peeling away, and places where there has been abnormal wear.

Asbestos in Old House
You must also take a look at all the seams where seams are usually exposed, especially at the base of the wall where body areas are exposed. Often, seams can be hotbeds of asbestos fibers. They are known as "hot spots." Also, if you find large numbers of asbestos fibers inside the seams of the wall, it means there are asbestos fibers on the floor, and this is also a cause for concern.

Check for asbestos in the old house. These are the inevitable results of not taking proper care of the house. First, clean the entire house with the highest-powered commercial vacuum you can afford. If you see asbestos fibers in the old house after the vacuum is done, replace it immediately.

It is also important to dispose of asbestos containing materials properly. The amount of asbestos in the air is a direct result of people doing this, so take the extra steps necessary.

Another thing to consider when looking at an old house for asbestos contamination is the condition of the carpeting. Do not assume that the carpet is clean, since asbestos fibers can remain on the carpet for up to fifty years. In addition, do not use the same types of carpet for the rest of your home because many of them contain high levels of asbestos fibers.

While you are at it, consider making some changes to the flooring of the old house. The paint on a floor often contains asbestos, but do not assume it is safe. If the paint flakes or cracks, replace it with new and better paint that does not contain asbestos.

Just as important as looking at the old house is cleaning the carpets and painting the walls. Make sure you get rid of the piles of old dust and debris from the house before cleaning the area. Also, remove items from the walls that may have been used as insulation or window screens, and take those down as well.

Image Asbestos in Old House
When cleaning the old house, do not forget about covering the floors and walls with special mats that contain asbestos fibers, or perhaps special covers for windows that are made of asbestos-resistant materials. Use these to shield the old walls and flooring from damage caused by airborne asbestos particles.

If you still find fibers in the house, then call a licensed asbestos removal professional to remove them. Never attempt to clean the asbestos yourself.

Once the workers remove the fibers from the walls and floors, asbestos experts will continue the cleaning and polishing process to remove the remaining dust, debris, and possible traces of asbestos. With the best professionals, asbestos removal should only take a few hours or less. Remember, it's better to spend the extra money to get rid of asbestos in the old house than it is to have it contaminate your home for another twenty years.

Before doing anything else, you need to get rid of the asbestos so that you won't be afraid of it for years to come. Since the long-term effects of asbestos exposure can be scary, you should also do everything you can to make sure your house stays that way. The money you pay for the work of asbestos removal companies won't come back to you again, so it is important to protect yourself now with the right cleaning and protection services.

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